Ready for the red carpet: Gerard Butler and 50 actors had to get fit for the movie “300” in a very short time. The method is simple and has also proven successful outside of Hollywood: in total 300 reps of different exercises for the entire body.


Working towards a goal in a team can unleash unimagined power. In this functional Workout you train together with one or more partners and accomplish a set of intensive exercises and lots of repetitions. Be prepared for a physical challenge and a great feeling after you have mastered this workout.

Athletic Performance

Do you like the thought of a physical preparation for any kind of challenge? If yes, you are in the right place. Each workout aims at training your body in a functional distinctive way, rather than creating blown up biceps. Mastering everyday activities and improved movement coordination – that’s what it’s all about. You will see and feel the results in no time, no matter your current fitness level.

B Tough

B Tough – and reach your best shape: focus on your physical strength while emotional and mental elements aren’t left aside. Through proven techniques you will lift yourself and others to a higher level and discover your warrior within – with precision and the best possible intention to progress.

Balboa Intro I & II

The intro class is designed in a way that breaks down skills from easiest to hardest. Our coach will demonstrate exercises and then challenge you with a short workout with time formats that are regularly used at Balboa. Exercises link intuitively from one to the next with recap sections to test the skills you have learned.

Our aim over the Balboa Intro I and II is to introduce you to some fundamental movement patterns and exercises that you will experience within the majority of our classes here at Balboa.

Beach Work

A training session that you can design yourself. Beach Work is about classic isolation and basic exercises: upper body, lower body or mixed – three weekly programs to choose from. Your Balboa Coach is there to give exercise instructions and to oversee your individual training.

Bliss Yoga

Discover and learn how to work individually WITH and not AGAINST the body, grow personally physically and mentally and experience and enjoy the unique diversity of yoga. Perfect as a balance to other workouts, but also as an aid for a healthy, conscious and balanced everyday life.

Body & Soul

Fostering breathing, power and flexibility while breaking with false posture and reducing stress hormones – an integral training for body and soul which builds on the five elements of Chinese medicine. Tough, smooth and meditative at the same time with the goal to reach a strengthened self.

Body Boost

You walk in and go full speed, that’s Body Boost. With a combination of strength, cardio, stability and mobility you not only tone your body but you’ll also give it an athletic shape. The acquirement of new skills and the dynamic-intense character of this workout will help you reach your inner balance.

Body Boost Abs

A six pack like Balboa coach Andrea – who doesn’t dream of that? Whether you are a beginner, a pro or anything in between you can never train your belly enough. During 30 minutes you will get the most out of your torso to gain strength and stability. You will walk away with the confidence needed in your everyday life while your belly gets in perfect shape, too.


Ladies and gents we have good news: As of today a sexy Hollywood body with a booty to die for is no longer impossible – thanks to “Booty” and some good will on your end. This high-quality strength workout addresses mainly your legs and your glutes and is adjusted to your own level. On top of training your muscles, you fill your entire body with effective power – sex appeal and energizing music guaranteed.


Boxing is the ultimate full body workout as you train your coordination, strength, speed, reaction, endurance and mental toughness. In this training you mainly work with a partner on beat combinations and all other movements needed in boxing. We train without punches to the head except your partner as well as you wear a mouth guard and enough experience in sparring.


Functional High Intensity Training to motivating music beats. The strength exercises challenge your coordination in a completely different way than you used to train before and train your body and mind. Discover the abilities of your body and improve strength and tension of your core. For all fitness levels.

Buddy Weight

The Buddy Weight pushes not only you but also your buddy to the performance limit without any ordinary gym machine. The combination of muscular activation and interval training boosts your metabolism to strengthen your body and own well-being while you overcome your own boundaries.


Coach Michael manages to leave everyone with a smile on their faces after the workout. And that`s not because the workout is an easy one but because the moves, the beat and the positivity of Michael release a lot of endorphins. Your feet have to will follow the fast beats and challenge your sense for coordination as well as your condition. We bet you will have lots of fun.


CircleX is a full body workout that perfectly combines endurance and strength. The recipe for success is simple:
6 different stations combined with the factor “X”, which stands for the surprise effect and thus brings with it a large portion of fun. The training is suitable for all sports levels, as the exercises are based on body weight and can be easily adapted to any level. Variety is guaranteed, time flies by in an instant and the feeling after the workout is priceless!


Coming from CapeTown SA, strength coach Luke brings his own personal style into Balboa training. If you are new to exercise or a veteran this class will cater for you no matter your level. Combining essential movement patterns such as a Pull, Push, Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Rotation, we aim to build multiple athletic qualities such as mobility, strength and endurance. It’s going to be action-packed. Dynamic from Balboa, Dynamo for Life!


Your body is calling for variety in sports and wants to be challenged in terms of coordination? If so, “Enduro” is the right sparring partner to reach these goals. This strength and conditioning workout focuses on different tasks that aim to make you physically and mentally stronger. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Our high intensity workout Energía is a unique experience full of motivation and music. With easy to perform exercises you will challenge your body and mind in every workout. During time based intervals you are in control of speed and our coach Florencia makes you going the extra mile to feel your body in a complete different way. Dare to try it and become your best version!

Five Rounds

Taken from the principles of a fight sport, you have to accomplish 5 intensive rounds during this Workout. In this tough but fun class, we will train your strength and conditioning like a fighter, working on mobility and flexibility, while building power, explosiveness, agility and endurance. It will also help improve overall fitness, burn body fat and improve your work capacity. The five rounds will consist of different exercises and intensities and are accessible for beginner as well as for people with an advanced fitness background.

Flex for Strength

A stretching training that prepares you for intensive strength training. You only can get stronger in a safe way if you have the mobility and flexibility to perform the exercises correctly. Influences from asian martial arts and approaches to release your body give this training a completely different character. It aims to develop a consciousness for the body that allows you to release from tightness and soreness in order to increase the mobility of the joints.

FlowMe Yoga

After a short meditation and breathing exercises you’re floating through a dynamic flow of asanas, so called Vinyasa Flow which combines relaxation, strength and flexibility for your body and mind. Completed by a final relaxation phase you will leave the mat relaxed, empowered and fulfilled. Cause Yoga is more than a workout – it is a lifestyle that supports your daily life as well.


Are you fascinated by handstands? In one part of this class, we’re going to have a look at handstands and mobility where I check the level of each student to give them the optimal exercises to improve.
In the second part, we work on things like: Strength, floor movement, coordination, reaction etc. to help you becoming a better mover. This class is open for all levels.

Hatha Yoga

The focus of this class is on healthy alignment of the body. Each position is held for an extended time, allowing the body to experience the full benefit of the pose, ie asana. By releasing unnecessary tension, you feel lighter and more at ease. By including physically challenging balancing positions, you become more focused and present with yourself.


HeartCore is a highly intense full-body training with power intervals. It focuses on torso invigoration, strengthening of the cardiovascular system and conscious relaxation. A hardcore workout for your heart, torso and spirit. Not only in your everyday routine you need active relaxation – also during an intensive workout: “Go full power, then calm down and go back home with a relaxed and positive feeling.”

Interval Training

A functional and tough interval workout that involves your full body and guarantees a long lasting energy consumption thereafter. With greatest intensity and fun you will reach and overcome your limits repeatedly thanks to the variety and creativity. Every workout is different yet taught by the same coach.

Kettlebell Skills

In this workout it`s all about one thing: The kettlebell.
Endless possibilities and exercise variations guarantee a constantly varied but very focused training. You learn the handling of the kettlebell in small steps and slow movements before you execute the movements with a high intensity and with many repetitions within a given workout. The scalability with the different weight of the kettlebells makes this workout perfect for beginners as well as for advanced kettlebell cracks.


Time for your real strengths! Your physique and movement as a whole give you the strength, speed and endurance you need. With a mix of street workout and American Football this workout doesn’t follow any specific sequence of exercises but focuses on you. With elements from mobility and athleticism this workout is adjusted to your potential so you can improve your weaknesses and break with your own limits.


Pilates, the unique training method with stretching and strengthening exercises, which mainly strengthens the muscles of the torso (stomach, lower back, pelvic floor). Starting from the middle of the body, a strong center, a healthy posture and a better body awareness will be formed. Also ideal as support for various sports, martial arts, functional trainings and yoga. A classic infused with the right amount of spice.


Is there any women out there who doesn’t want those long gracile legs and that proud posture of a Ballerina? Ale will make it possible for everyone – without any pole or pointe shoes. During the one hour session you will dive into a world that allows you to play the prima ballerina. An intensive dance workout with a focus on muscle toning and stretching. You will soon not only get the looks of a ballerina but you’ll also take away the corresponding confidence.

Pozzible Training

“Get strong” – describes the structured and progressive training with barbells and kettlebells best. With intensive coaching you get strong and transform your body with basic barbell movements in a group – which is unique in Zurich. A training for those who want to get strong or even stronger.


SHIFT stands for a Smart, High-Intensity, Functional Training. It is a variable workout that is thought through and structured carefully with a focus on quality rather than quantity. It allows you to improve your strengths and weaknesses at the same time by training your flexibility, posture, power, balance, coordination and endurance – all of that accompanied by some great 80ies and 90ies tunes.

stabil.athletisch OUTDOOR

Despite weather conditions and the cold there are no excuses. This workout will take place outdoor. But especially there, Coach Luca is able to create only with your own bodyweight or a small additional weight a challenging and intensive athletic and coordination workout.


The squat and deadlift are two of the most complete strength disciplines for the whole body. In this class, you will be encouraged to progress not only by mastering the technique safely, but increasing your strength between sessions. Stronger also includes additional exercises for the upper body, core, and legs to create a well-rounded approach for anyone looking for a complete strength journey


In this high intensity class our experienced yoga and fitness coach Maria will guide you through a dedicated system of training that focuses on movement quality and intensity. This is followed by workout complex that gradually builds intensity put you to your limits and makes you sweat! If you enjoy clean movement and challenging your cardiovascular system, this is the class for you!


Thaiboxing (Muay Thai) is also called `the science of the 8 limbs` as fists, elbows, knees and shins are used to fight with. Though, Muay Thai is not only practiced as a very tough combat sport but also to train coordination, strength, speed, reaction, endurance and mental toughness. you mainly work with a partner on beat combinations and all other movements needed in Thaiboxing. We train without punches to the head except your partner as well as you wear a mouth guard and enough experience in sparring.

Yoga Motion

Tough with a funny angle – that is Yoga Motion. From a theme that is built through individual exercises to a sequence it is a strong, dynamic and intensive Vinyasa yoga with a returning, surprising creative flow. Not only you but also your mind is sweating and yet you’ll feel a certain ease while having a lot to laugh about.